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Snaggle’s playing Friday the 1st of August at the Tranzac!

Two fantastic bands are coming together at the Tranzac to make an eclecticly ball-busting night of fusion! Doors open at 9:30, PWYC.

Snaggle is a 6 piece jazz fusion ensemble made entirely of graduates of the Humber College School of Contemporary Music. Heavily influenced by Snarky Puppy as well as a number of the great jazz fusion players, Snaggle features a repertoire of exciting, dynamic and entirely original material. This all-star line up of players, including the fastest drummer in the entire world, have all studied with many of Canada’s greatest jazz masters and represent the next generation of Canadian talent.

The United Planets -

Five piece Canadian instrumental ensemble playing the music of bassist Andrew Mason, a mix of funk, r&b, jazz, and contemporary improvisation.

A Well Justified Paranoia

Hi all,

So, this is the maiden post of my new blog (yay *applause applause*). Everything before this post is just old gig notifications and stuff, not very interesting. This blog will generally be used as an outlet for my ramblings and rantings that I would never subject to a person who did not have the option to immediately hit ‘back’ on their web browser. So if anyone finds themselves on my page with a glitchy ‘back’ button, I apologize in advance. Most of the time this will probably be music related or music biz related, but today it will not. Today we’re talking about a deeply divisive and sexy topic, APARTMENT HUNTING! (yay *cheering and applause*)

So I’ve been looking for a place for me and my girlfriend to live this September and it’s been an experience. I’ve never really done this before, I’ve always moved in with someone who’s dad found the place or someone who was already living in a place, so I am a complete apartment hunting noob. Almost immediately I discovered that I am incredibly paranoid when it comes to dealing with other people online. Almost irrationally so. (On a side note there were some early signs of this paranoia when I became inherently distrustful of a booking agent who seemed completely unable to respond to my emails using a full sentence. The whole time I’m getting more and more edgy while my wiser room mate stands next to me saying “Dude, he’s just busy, it’s fine.”)

Anyway, so the first couple of ads that I pull up on Craigslist look amazing, exactly what the girlfriend and I are looking for. Meanwhile, I’ve got this voice in the back of my head telling me that there is no way these guys are legit, it’s too good to be true. But at this point I’ve become aware of my paranoia and maybe I’m not giving some perfectly nice people enough credit.

So I had a long and very pleasant email exchange with a business man who was moving with his family to Denmark and wanted to rent out the former apartment that he loved ever so much. He was very interested in finding a trustworthy person that he knew would pay rent on time and would take good care of the place. Golly, wouldn’t you know it, that person was me! This was going great until I realized that he was apparently already in Denmark and we would never be meeting face to face. Hmm, a bit dodgy. What about this medical student, hey he’s a student like me I can trust him! Wait, living in England and won’t meet with me until I ‘reserve’ the apartment by putting down a deposit. I’m sensing a theme. Oh wait, here’s a devout, trustworthy christian missionary who is… in Africa spreading the good word to the local populace and will never meet me face to face….sigh. It no longer feels like I’m reading craigslist ads, I’m reading novels with vibrant characters who have really, really long back stories. It strikes me that the very same people who spent hours creating rich narratives and trustworthy (although often times not very grammatical) characters never once realized that people who are legitimate DON’T NEED BACK STORIES!

So, for those of you who are new to apartment hunting, listen to your inner paranoia! And for those of you who already know all of this and are like “well that’s 15 minutes of my life I’m never getting back”, I hope you at least enjoyed the journey. And if not, get your ‘back’ button fixed.



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Snaggletooth’s Debut Performance!

Come check out the debut performance of Toronto’s newest, most exciting fusion band! Featuring compositions by Nick Maclean and Doug Moore as well as an amazing line up of musicians including one of the fastest drummers in the world! Snaggletooth will be sharing the stage with the talented jazz quintet Midcoast.

The Central 7:00 - 9:30

$5 suggested cover

Nick Maclean and Mara Nesrallah at Gigspace!

Mark your calendars! August 11th, Nick Maclean and Mara Nesrallah are playing at Gigspace. Returning to Ottawa from their studies at Humber College, Nick Maclean (piano) and Mara Nesrallah (voice) present their own take on a stimulating blend of jazz standards and a number of lesser known swing and Latin tunes. Drawing influence from contemporary jazz, blues, swing and Brazilian music, this talented duo promises an entertaining evening of great songs and rich musical interplay.

Tickets $10, $5 for students

contact Nick Maclean for tickets

nickmaclean at rogers dot com

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